On Hiring (in a Devops World)

unicornYour organization has embraced the Devops philosophy, and is growing. So you set out to hunt for Devops practitioners, and quickly find that usual hiring approaches (e.g., recruiters looking on LinkedIn) simply don’t work.

What do these these mythical Devops creatures look like? (Hint: a lot like unicorns and combs).

What is their natural habitat? (Shockingly, they don’t hang out on LinkedIn).

How can you capture them?

Watch my Devopdays NYC 2013 talk on this subject.

P.S. My thinking on devops hiring was influenced by Elaine Wherry (her posts on the recruiter honeypot  and the best recruiters are must-read!) and Chad Dickerson’s blog post on recruiting (especially what he calls “slow recruiting”).

2 thoughts on “On Hiring (in a Devops World)

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